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Quantitative Mass Spectrometry

without Analytical Standards

Without Quantem

Compounds are identified, but their concentrations remain unknown.

With Quantem

Identified compounds can be quantified.

Quantification is done using computational methods, thus all you need are:

  1. structure of the compound
  2. retention time and MS signal of the compound
  3. gradient program details used in your analysis
  4. 5 compounds with known concentration measured in the same analysis


Average quantification takes less than 10 seconds.


Quantification of any compound without extra labor costs.


Average quantification error is less than 3 times.

We can help you if you work with:

Our modern quantification method is used by:

Who are we?

We are a group of analytical chemistry scientists with experience in mass spectrometry from different academic research groups as well as industry. Our second passion is data science, which we love to connect with our knowledge in chemistry. That is how and why Quantem was established.

Dr. Jaanus Liigand

Jaanus is responsible for developing the concentration prediction model in Quantem software. He has over 3 years of experience in machine learning and he is especially interested in modelling complex processes with modern data science tools. As a marathon runner, he is persistent.

Mari Ojakivi

Mari has developed ionization efficiency measurements in water and methanol for Quantem model. In Quantem, she is responsible for the visuals, communication and accounting. She is a passionate folk dancer and that makes her a great team player.

Dr. Karl Kaupmees

Karl is the bridge between research and IT. Besides a PhD in chemistry focusing on solvent effects and molecular modelling, he’s currently finishing his Masters in IT concentrating on data science and software product management.

Dr. Piia Liigand

industry advisor

Piia expanded the Quantem model applications to biological matrices, connected positive and negative mode ESI. Piia has hands-on experience and insider insight into the pharmaceutical industry. She has collaborated with Janssen Pharmaceutica and is currently the Head of Quality Control Laboratory at TBD-Biodiscovery (an API production company).

Prof. Dr. Anneli Kruve

academic advisor

Anneli is an Associate professor in analytical chemistry at Stockholm University. Her research is focussed on understanding the LC/MS and developing better methods. She believes that novel IT solutions help to make better use of the data that current analysis methods are able to collect.

Millions of unquantified peaks?


We are located in the Internet, Worldwide. More physically in Tartu, Estonia.

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